by Josephines

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released July 13, 2015

Murilo Sedrez: voice
Luiz Espinelly: acoustic and electric guitar
Alex Quadros: bass
André Rodrigues: drums
Régis Garcia: synth, percussion and electric guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Régis Garcia and Josephines at Estúdio Second Floor

All lyrics: Luiz Espinelly
All songs: Luiz Espinelly & Josephines, except Burning angels, by Alex Quadros, Luiz Espinelly & Josephines, and A way of healing, by Rick Soares, Luiz Espinelly & Josephines

Cover photo: Hernan Castro

Album art: Régis Garcia, Luiz Espinelly & Josephines

Rio Grande-RS, Brazil




Josephines Rio Grande, Brazil

post-punk + fuzz
space rock + soul

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Track Name: Burning angels
I came from nowhere
and made it so far
why don't you try?

We're gonna play so loud
and I'll sing it proud
"do you wanna fly"?

And we made this song
to sing along
We're not alone

and I had a fever
and a hangover
but now I know

Why we fall
why we fall
why we fall apart.
Track Name: Misfits
We run fast in the wrong direction
and don't fear to fight against tradition
We lose our youthness in the battle
but we still fight, it's a question of honour
and we will try over and over and over and over again

You don't know
where are we going
and I feel so lonely
like I don't belong here
and we don't belong

Don't waste time, we have to run
You don't understand, I need a gun
Now we're still here burning with boredom
contemplating the void and the rust grow
cause youthness never lasts
and nothing never lasts for long


Wolves howl
Sharks kill
I drink as I sing
Track Name: Save me
Hey, baby, turn around
let's burn this fucking house
sweet children, you look so young
I hope you have fun (in my bedroom)

Shine shine, in the dark
a pale body to blend with mine
Your legs will be my shroud
I never will be found

So save me
save me
save me...
(from myself)

Please, help me to paint the clouds
We will make pretty sounds
Come on, come with me
You always got to be free

So save me
save me
save me...
(from myself)
Track Name: Intermission
Track Name: Space monkeys
The stars are shining or is it a lie?
The high hopes are about to die
All the castles are gonna fall
I'll meet u at the dawn

To fly back home
Or die, but not alone

All the stars fit in the sky
Take my hand, we're gonna fly
A wink of the eye and bursting stars
We build the past with tender lies

Te espero
En las estrellas

Vamos a cantar en el espacio sideral
regresar a nuestra casa
Volando en un cometa
Volando en un cometa
Volando en un cometa

Te espero
En las estrellas
Track Name: A way of healing
Everybody is trying be cool
Just like you / like you
They cut their hair and buy new clothes
but theyíre fools / like you

I don't want to look around
pretending smoothy / I'm not cool

I'm not lost but I wanna be found
To sing a new song / Of truth

And I'm drifting in the wind / oh yeah
While this song playing I won't die

A way of healing / healing
I have been searching for a long time (searching for a long time)
A way of healing / healing
I think I found it sometimes

Just like a way
My way
A way
of healing
Track Name: December
Spread your wings
and fly away
I only live
for today
My friends are gone
someday I will
Now it's cold
and I can't feel

I can't feel the cigarette
burning my skin
I can't feel the cold beer
filling my soul

Stay with me
untill sunrise
You know I'm leaving
it's not a surprise
I hope you find
your way back home
I have my heart
and that's enough

I can't feel the cigarette
burning my skin
and I can't feel the cold beer
filling my soul

But I feel love
Track Name: Made of stars
Sometimes we walk alone
Sometimes we fall apart
Sometimes we break the chains that bind us

It's time to let the wind blow
It's time to say goodbye
It's time to learn to live and let die

and we need to face our everlasting
Cause we are made of stars

Hey kids, have some fun
We are on the run
Let's put the house on fire this night

Nobody can stop us now
We are who we are
and no one will save us all

So we need to face our everlasting
Cause we are made of stars

We are all made of stars
Track Name: All